First domestic sake! Great Taste Award winner.

A project aimed at expanding the domestic and international market for Awamori was launched in November 2021.

The first product in the IKIGAI YUI Spirits (*trademark pending) series, developed as the first phase of the project, was awarded three and two stars at the Great Taste Awards, the world's largest annual food competition held in the UK. This is the first award for a domestically produced sake.

What is the Great Taste Award?

It was created in the UK in 1994. Since then, it has become the world's largest food fair, with more than 10,000 entries from all over the world every year. The jury consists of more than 500 experts in the food industry, including famous hotel chefs, buyers and food writers. Famous for its very strict judging. The awards also shine a light on manufacturers who are dedicated to making traditional and delicious products, even if they are small in scale, such as Awamori, and give them a fair evaluation.

Great Taste Awards website

Dear Myself.

you doing what you love?
Are you vibrant?
Are you getting paid?
Do you have someone to blame?
Can you shake hands with your younger self?
Can you shake hands with yourself 10 years from now?


It is said that today there is a tendency to seek the right answer immediately.
However, the correct answer should not be found outside, but only within ourselves. In times of confusion, we may need time to face our inner selves.

IKIGAI is a philosophy and wisdom from Okinawa that people from all over the world are aware of and fascinated by

Awamori produced on that island is unique to Okinawa. Unique production process. 800 years of history. Sanshin. Shimauta (island songs). Okinawan dance.
Always in the middle of Okinawan history, culture and customs, it can be said to be the storyteller of Okinawa that lives on.

At the end of the day, enjoy IKIGAI YUI SPIRITS.
Feel the flow of eternity through the aroma, flavour and aftertaste, and face yourself, the most important person in your life.

OKINAWA Quality of Life to the wisdom of the world.

Four breweries have put their wisdom into each bottle. You will find the answers to life's questions there.